A Project Open to Everyone that Lives, Studies, Volunteers or Works in the City of Birmingham

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Project Mission:

To create local habitat and history, through photography, artwork and community action, that commemorates the important role green spaces have played in people’s lives across the city of Birmingham during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Update 23rd November 2022:

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Art4Nature project team was unable to work on the ground. We also wanted to allow schools, businesses and voluntary groups time to settle back into their activities after restrictions were lifted.

A key aim of this project is to reach every neighbourhood across the city. We are pleased to announce that Art4Nature is relaunching on 1st January 2023.

The deadline for submission of photos and artwork will be 31st December 2023 in order to capture the beauty and importance of Birmingham's green spaces across every season. The bird and butterfly polls will reopen on 1st January 2023 and remain open until 31st December 2023.

Community events will commence during Spring of 2024.

The Art4Nature website will launch here on 1st January 2023.


Little did we know, as we prepared to launch this project, in its original format, that such a dark shadow would be cast over the world in 2020.

It’s hard to find light, when so many families have been affected by the covid-19 epidemic, but hope can lead the way. We have therefore revised the format of this project to provide a source of light and add to the community spirit that has risen across the city during lock-down.

It is now well-documented as to how vital green spaces have been to people during such a challenging time. This project aims to commemorate their important role.

Science tells us that, unless we all reconnect with nature and halt its destruction, pandemics like covid-19 will rise more often. This project aims to connect more people with the rest of nature for their happiness, health and wellbeing. 

How to get involved

The Art4Nature project allows everyone who lives, studies, volunteers or works in Birmingham to get involved. In light of the measures that have been put in place to restrict the spread of coronavirus, we have created special online project packs for you, your business, community or school to download and use in your neighbourhood. To request a pack, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Between now and 31st July 2022 you are invited to take photographs or create artwork that capture the seasonal beauty of your local Birmingham green spaces.

You don't require expensive equipment; all you need is a camera, or phone that can take photos.

Email details of the green spaces where you have started taking photographs or creating artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then add these locations to the Art4Nature project map (please enter Birmingham as your location to view the map, if the website asks for one).

imgonline com ua CompressToSize f6J0fYNwZF3L9FcEYou can submit up to 4 photos per email address plus any artwork that capture the beauty of green spaces across the four seasons. Remember to include "Art4Nature Birmingham" in the title of your email and clearly state your name, where each photo or piece of artwork was created and on what date. Please submit your entries via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31st July 2022.

All photographs and artwork submitted will be displayed at public events to celebrate green spaces and their value to local communities. Everyone who has submitted photographs and artwork will be acknowledged at these events.

There will be one event in each of the 10 Birmingham constituencies (Edgbaston, Erdington, Hall Green, Hodge Hill, Ladywood, Northfield, Perry Barr, Selly Oak, Sutton Coldfield and Yardley).

A panel of judges will select one photograph from all those received for each green space entered on the project map

The public will then vote for their favourite photographs; choosing one from each of Birmingham's 10 constituencies.

Between now and 31st July 2022, you are also invited to vote for your favourite bird and butterfly.

80 bird species and 24 butterfly species, that can be regularly seen in Birmingham, have been nominated for you to choose from.

You can vote for your favourite bird here.

You can vote for your favourite butterfly here.

Local artist Steve Lilly, will produce 10 pieces of artwork based on the photo from each constituency that gains the most public votes. This series of artwork will also feature Birmingham's favourite 10 birds and butterflies, as voted for by the people of Birmingham.

20200907 205905 minOnce the ten pieces of artwork have been created, an online auction will be launched. The public will then be invited to bid for the original artworks, together with a series of special edition commemorative reproductions. Steve Lilly will also be offering a range of Art4Nature material for general sale, based on the original artwork.

All auction proceeds (net of any artist commission), plus a percentage of ongoing reproduction material sales will be used to help fund specific bird and butterfly projects at the green spaces featured in the 10 pieces of artwork.

A second public event will then take place in each constituency to close the auctions, announce how much the Art4Nature project has raised and launch the bird and butterfly conservation projects. The 10 individuals whose photographs were selected by public vote will be presented with a special framed piece of signed artwork at these events.

The Legacy of Art4Nature

Art really does have the power to change the world for good.

This project will make local history, by creating 10 commemorative Bird and Butterfly greenspace projects across the city. Interpretation panels will be placed at each site, to celebrate local business, community, nature, and talent. The city-wide project will have served to raise awareness of the importance of green spaces and their wildlife to the people that live near them.

The positive energy created by Art4Nature will continue as 6 other projects roll out across Birmingham:

  • Schools4Nature Clubs
  • Gardens4Nature Networks
  • Business4Nature Forums
  • Faith4Nature Hubs
  • Food4Nature Networks
  • Therapy4Nature Wellbeing Networks

10 Team4Nature local networks are also launching across the city to bring groups, organisations and individuals together to build on the legacy of Art4Nature.

Open to All!

We will be reaching out to ensure that all neighbourhoods have the opportunity to be part of the Art4Nature project.

IMG 3931 minYou will not need an expensive camera and you do not have to be an experienced photographer for your entries to be considered by the judges. This project aims to celebrate the seasonal beauty of green spaces. All photographs that capture this, regardless of picture quality will be displayed at the public events and considered by the judges. Nobody will be disadvantaged in that process. 

The Art4Nature project is also a celebration of art. All submitted artwork will be exhibited at the public events. Community and school Art4Nature packs include details of art projects and these will also be displayed at the events. The packs include a poster and resources for the Birmingham’s favourite birds and butterflies polls.

If you submitted photographs or voted in Birmingham’s Favourite Birds poll last year, under the original project format your entries will still be included in this project.

No photographs will be used for commercial purposes, without the owner’s consent.

To request a business, community or school Art4Nature project pack please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Art4Nature Project Young Ambassador

We are so excited that Rebecca Bailey, co-creator of Rebecca’s Butterfly Farm and the wonderful Becca’s Butterflies series of children’s books, is young ambassador for the Art4Nature project.

Beccas Butterfly Farm image off You Tube

Project Artist: Steve Lilly

IMG 2172Steve Lilly is an award winning artist from Birmingham. His work is now becoming very collectable with many of his works in private collections.

Every portrait is created with meticulous attention to detail and is built up over many, many hours by carefully blending layers of finely laid pencil.

“I really strive to capture the expressions and mannerisms that are so characteristic of the people and animals I am trying to portray. I’m not just looking for a likeness but a unique essence that will bring them to life on the paper.”

He is the Official Talking Pictures TV Artist, The Dad's Army Museum (Artist in Residence) other clients include the Laurel and Hardy Museum, The Homefront Museum , On The Buses Fan Club (Depot Artist in Residence), The Grand Order of Water Rats, The National Trust, Birmingham Comedy Festival, Black Country Living Museum and The Heritage Foundation.

“I think your work is quite excellent. Congratulations”…..David Croft OBE (Dad’s Army co-creator)

Art4Nature Project Map

Our project Partner, TiCLhas created a map showing all the Birmingham green spaces where you have started capturing their seasonal beauty with photographs. 

You can access the project map here (Please enter Birmingham as your location, if the website asks for one).

If you have started taking photographs for the Art4Nature project, please email the location of the green spaces to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add them to the project map.

Art4Nature Map 13 10 2020

Art4Nature Project in the Media

We are extremely grateful to the following bloggers, journalists and media organisations for featuring the Art4Nature Birmingham project:

Mark Avery

Matt Panter Media

Moseley B13 Magazine

Paint Magazine.

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Art4Nature Project Partners

Art4Nature has a wonderful project team, but our most important partner is YOU! You have the power to connect more family members and friends to green spaces for their happiness, health and wellbeing. You also have the power to connect more people with nature, through artwork, photography and by sharing your own experiences. We warmly invite you to join the growing Art4Nature team:

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