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The Love That Binds Us

It's a basic human instinct; to protect what we love. But what if we are unable to do that?

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Business4Nature Birmingham

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 In 2013, when we started getting the message out, concerning the state of UK nature, we were told that it was a waste of time because people simply didn't care! Six years on and we now have over 140,000 followers on social media and the majority of them certainly do seem to care! We are now also working on the ground across Birmingham and finding, once again, that the majority of people do care, when they receive the facts about the state of nature!

Once individuals become aware of the ecological crisis unfolding outside their windows, the next question tends to be "what can we do to make a difference?". So we worked with our followers and supporters to create "The People's #100Actions4Nature" which clearly demonstrates how everyone has the power to help restore nature through simple actions!

When we announced that we were planning to work closely with the business community, we were advised not to "because they were the problem"! So we spoke to business owners and guess what? The majority do care about nature and the health and wellbeing that parks and other open spaces bring to their neighbourhoods, and want to make a difference!

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Butterflies: Symbols of Hope in 2020

"Butterflies are nature's angels. They remind us what a gift it is to be alive" (Robyn Nola - Artist)

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Prosperity (noun): a successful, flourishing or thriving condition.

Who would have thought, as we all celebrated last new year, that such a dark shadow would be cast over civilisation in 2020?

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Why is nature so important to human beings?

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During live talks, we have asked our audiences a critical question: Why is nature so important to human beings?

Surprisingly, people have found it extremely hard to answer this fundamental question.

So we put the same question out on social media, and guess what happened? It went viral and the responses came flooding in!

Whilst you enjoy and absorb the answers that were provided on Twitter, please help us understand what's going on.

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